Cosy Nook with Artur Vidal

The first and last Cosy Nook of 2021, after a long 18 months break


We welcome Artur Vidal with three works that all have in common what Eva-Maria Houben calls “fading sounds, sounds that are links between life and art.”

“fading sounds, sounds that are links between life and art; between perception in daily life and perception while performing, while composing.” Evas Maria Houben


Dreaming Legends (Eva-Maria Houben  (2019). A series of tender connections between sounds.
Teach yourself to fly (Pauline Oliveros, 1971). A collective sonic experience that allows observing the bridge between voluntary and involuntary activity.
Calanda Rock  (Artur Vidal, 2018).  Part of the collection of text scores Friendly Algorithms.


Artur Vidal

A London based and Spanish-born saxophone player who grew up in Paris where he studied music, philosophy and history of art. His work involves field recordings, sound walks, dance and improvisation. He has been doing academic research on improvised music and environmental sounds and has become a certified teacher of Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening practice. He has published two collections of text scores: The Hum in the Valley (2021) and Friendly Algorithms (2018).

Cosy Nook

(since 2016) a small cove in South London, where we occasionally come together to play, listen to and share words, sounds and other gems, polished or unpolished. (Named after a small rocky bay littered with gem stones smoothed by the fierce tidal waters of New Zealand South Island).