Cosy Nook ‘making with’ vol.1

With Iris Garrelfs and Tansy Spinks


The first Cosy Nook of 2023 is dedicated to processes of collective creation and organisation, what Donna Haraway’s calls ‘Sympoiesis’.


Two solos and a duo where Tansy Spinks and Iris Garrelfs improvise, make with and respond to place and location.

– ‘Ornamentik’, Tom Phillips graphic score from 1973, Tansy Spinks (violin, voice)
– Revisiting Monica Sjoo paintings as scores ‘Lament for my Son’ and ‘Meeting the Ancestors at Avebury’, from her Beaconsfield exhibition, August 2022, Tansy Spinks (violin)
– ‘Washing up’, Iris Garrelfs (tin cans, bucket of water, voice)
– Duo with speaking singing toy birds, voice, violin and objects

With a training in voice and violin playing between them, Iris and Tansy combine a playful interest in how materials sound and how timbres on voice and instrument can interact and be explored. They make use of anything site-related if possible; utilising charity shop instruments, toys, lamps, plastic bottles, kitchen equipment, sticks and stones. These objects are combined with voice/violin/electronics, in distinctive improvised performance.


Iris Garrelfs

a composer/performer and educator fascinated with voices and technology. She is interested in modes of listening as a way of connecting to the world, exploring interrelatedness, patterns and interaction through performances, mixed media projects, and recordings.

Tansy Spinks

an artist, sound artist, improviser and educator involved in creating live site specific sound works for spaces using conventional and non-conventional sound making devices.


Recording of the concert by Ivor Kallin for his Resonance FM weekly radio show (19th Feb 2023)

Cosy Nook

(since 2016) a small cove in South London, where we occasionally come together to play, listen to and share words, sounds and other gems, polished or unpolished. (Named after a small rocky bay littered with gem stones smoothed by the fierce tidal waters of New Zealand South Island).