Cosy Nook with Antoine Beuger

a private view and listening of  ‘Where Are We Going,Today’, a collaboration between Christian Wolff  and Antoine Beuger

Where Are We Going, Today is a touching meditation on life and friendship and represents Wolf and Beuger’s attempt at being together remotely in spirit if not in person. It was later released by erstwhile records.

This private view and listening together of the fruit of this new musical collaboration concluded Antoine Beuger’s visit to London and two days of playing together for Speak// if you can”: text, scores, performance  at café Oto on 22nd- 23rd Feb 2018


Antoine Beuger

founded edition wandelweiser with Burkhard Schlothauer in 1992 and has been managing director since 2004. In 1994 he started his now widely known concert series KLANGRAUM (Düsseldorf). Beuger’s music has been performed worldwide, and he has received several international prizes.

Cosy Nook

(since 2016) a small cove in South London, where we occasionally come together to play, listen to and share words, sounds and other gems, polished or unpolished. (Named after a small rocky bay littered with gem stones smoothed by the fierce tidal waters of New Zealand South Island).