Cosy Nook ‘On strings’ vol.2

With Mirei Ya, Phil Durrant & Martin Vishnick, N.O. Moore & James O’Sullivan 


Second part of a concert with some of London finest improvisers first scheduled for March 2020, postponed twice due to the pandemic.

‘On Strings’ vol.2 brings together two established string duos, Durrant & Vishnick and Moore & O’Sullivan with a rare solo by Mirei Ya, a Butoh trained artist working with body movement, bodily sensation and improvisation to grasp a deeper understanding of what we call ‘reality’. We finished with a great quintet with Mirei Ya’s minimal trumpet / voice counterpoint to acoustic and electric strings gone wild.

Mirei Ya

a Butoh trained artist working with body movement, bodily sensation and improvisation to grasp a deeper understanding of what we call ‘reality’. Her work is performance based, blending together elements of dance, singing/vocalisation and playing sound objects. 

Phil Durrant and Martin Vishnick

met at Skronk (April 2017). The pairing of mandolin and guitar is virtually unknown in free improvisation, lending a certain uniqueness to this creative collaboration of established musicians. The duo performs regularly on the London scene; Mopomoso, Flim Flam, Horse Improvised Music Club, Safehouse, SkronkFest2018, Arch1, HYG, Setpiece, Discon Festival. Their album Rifinitori di Momenti was released in 2019 by Confront Recordings. 

N.O Moore & James O’Sullivan

N.O. Moore is an electric guitarist with a parallel interest in electronics and drum machines. He can be heard on a number of recordings including Nous (with Prévost and Jason Yarde) and The Secret Handshake with Danger (with Henry Kaiser, Binker Golding, Olie Brice, and Prévost). Using a combination of feedback, conventional techniques and instrumental preparations, James O’Sullivan exploits the full sonic potential of electric guitar and amplifier, while relating them to the immediate physical environment. His second solo album, IL Y A, is out on Linear Obsessional. Moore & O’Sullivan are developing an interesting and surprising sound-world together, in spite/because of their different approaches to their instrument.

Cosy Nook

(since 2016) a small cove in South London, where we occasionally come together to play, listen to and share words, sounds and other gems, polished or unpolished. (Named after a small rocky bay littered with gem stones smoothed by the fierce tidal waters of New Zealand South Island).