HERE.HERE on voice and electronics in Folkestone – 2nd  July 2022, Profound Sound festival for Open Quarter 2022, Folkestone | Concept ventriloquy | Cage, Ellis, Oliveros, Reage – 5th  May 2022, live from London, IKLECTIK | Space ventriloquy – 3rd  March 2022, live from London, IKLECTIK with Seamus Cater & Alexander J. Ellis – 3rd  Feb 2022, live and streamed from London, IKLECTIK followed by a Q&A with Parkinson Saunders / NO CONCERT – 27th May 2021, streamed from London, IKLECTIK followed by a Q&A on voice and electronics: territorialise / deterritorialise / reterritorialise. 29th April 2021 – Live Streamed from London, IKLECTIK. With N.O. Moore, Lottie Sadd, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, Yifeat Ziv. with Greg Caffrey performed by Rarescale. 24th March 2021, live Streamed from London, Iklectik.With Carla Rees (flute) and David Black (guitar) with Marie-Cécile Reber. 24th/25th February 2020. UCA Farnham and London, Iklectik.With James E Armstrong (ukulele), Gabrielle Hb (voice), Petri Huurinainen (acoustic guitar), Artur Vidal (saxophone), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice, objects), Harry Whalley (Synths/Percussion), Yifeat Ziv (voice) Gildas Quartet play Janacek, Crumb, Whalley & Waeckerle. 31st/10/2019 at London Iklectik. with Marcus Kaiser. 1st/2nd May 2019 at UCA Farnham and London, Iklectik. With Chris Jones (electric guitar), Marcus Kaiser (cello), Arusik Nanyan (acoustic guitar), Paulius Valteras (electric guitar), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (percussive objects), Harry Whalley (percussive objects). And With Marjolaine Charbin (piano), Marcus Kaiser (cello), Laura Lee (guitar), Ed Lucas (trombone)  Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (percussive objects), Edward Shipley (percussive objects) with Stefan Thut. 10/11 April 2019 at UCA Farnham and London, Iklectik. With Chris Jones (guitar), Arusik Nanyan (guitar), Anna Menzies (cello),  Stefan Thut (cello), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice), Harry Whalley (small instruments). And with Angharad Davies (violin), Phil Durrant (mandolin), Laura Lee (guitar), Stefan Thut (cello), Artur Vidal (saxophone), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice), Harry Whalley (small instruments), Yifeat Ziv (voice). with Jessica Aslan & Emma Lloyd. 13/03/19 at UCA Farnham.


Cosy Nook “On Strings” vol.2 with Mirei Ya, Phil Durrant & Martin Vishnick, N.O Moore & James O’Sullivan  Thornton Heath, 07/05/2022.

Cosy Nook “On Strings” vol.1 with Angharad Davies, Phil Durrant, Isidora Edwards  Thornton Heath, 12/03/2022.

Cosy Nook pre/post Folk with Newham Folk archive and Seamus Cater, Thornton Heath, 05/02/2022.

Cosy Nook with Artur Vidal, Thornton Heath, 28/11/2021. With Mirie Yazawa and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

Cosy Nook with Thea Mesirow & Aaron Foster Breilyn, Thornton heath, 14/12/2019. 5th and last concert of their Actualizing Communities European tour (Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, London). With Stephan Barrett (clarinet), Aaron Foster Breilyn (gongs, melodica, otamatone), Martin Clarke (saxophone), John Eyles (saxophone), Chris Hill (alto recorder, ukulele), Peter Keserue ( melodica, objects), Thea Mesirow (cello), Alfonso Spina (percussive objects), Sebastian Sterkowicz (acoustic guitar, bow), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (ektarat, voice), Mirei Yazawa (trumpet, movement)

Cosy Nook with Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, Thornton Heath, 23/11/2019. With Gabrielle Hb (bells, voice), Petri Huurinainen (acoustic guitar), Peter Keserue (bells, voice), Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti (bells, viola, voice), Ed Shipsey (bells, voice), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (bells, voice).

Cosy Nook with Bin Li, Thornton Heath, 21/09/2019. With Cameron Howe (viola), Petri Huurinainen (bowed acoustic guitar), Bin Li (qin), Alex Nikiporenko (keyboard, melodica), Sebastian Sterkowicz (bass clarinet), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (shruti box), Mirei Yazawa (trumpet)

Cosy Nook with Nomi Epstein, Thornton Heath, 20/07/2019. With Chris Hill (clarinette), Phil Durrant (mandolin), Ed Shipsey (percussive objects, voice), Artur Vidal (saxophone), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (shruti box, voice)

Cosy Nook with Marcus Kaiser,Thornton Heath, 11/05/2019. With Ed Lucas (trombone)

Cosy Nook with Stefan Thut,Thornton Heath, 13/04/2019.

Cosy Nook with Marianne Schuppe (voice, lute),Thornton Heath, 12/01/2019. With Anyone Beuger (flute)

Cosy Nook with Antonio Acounzo (guitar, objects),Thornton Heath, 11/08/2018. With Antonio Acunzo (percussive objects, flute, stones, field recording, electronics), Alfonso Spina (percussive objects, electronics), Tony Hardie-Bick, Eamon Foreman (objects, water, analogue electronics and magnetic tape)

Cosy Nook with Marie Cécile Reber (electronics, field recording), Thornton Heath, 17/07/2018.

Cosy Nook with Antoine Beuger, Thornton Heath, 24/02/2018.

Cosy Nook with Bouche Bée, Thornton Heath, 05/08/2017. with John Eyles (saxophone), Petri Huurinainen (guitar), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice)

Rani ji and Acid Reef, Cassland & Co, 16th June 2015