Cosy Nook with Marie-Cécile Reber

We welcome Swiss musician and composer Marie-Cécile Reber


With two sound installations and a performance responding to the local flora and micro-fauna of my city garden

Schwelle 1b (1996/2003) is one of six sound works based on micro field recording of ant sounds patiently collected during a six months period using sensors.

Insect (2003) is a short loop of collaged field recordings of bumblebees, ants, crickets, wasps and other insects from a Swiss meadow, now visiting a garden in south London.

A flimsy moment (2007) is a composition written for the happiness and well being of flowers.


Marie-Cecile and I were the guests of Carole Finner Resonance fm Sound Out, listen here.


Marie-Cécile Reber

is a Swiss musician and composer from Lucerne, finishing a six months residency in London. Reber works with field recording and electronic instruments,  experimenting with microscopic noise structures to transform unusual and imperceptible sounds, mostly of Nature, into pictorial soundscapes, live performances and site specific installations, often bringing them back to their natural habitat.

Cosy Nook

(since 2016) a small cove in South London, where we occasionally come together to play, listen to and share words, sounds and other gems, polished or unpolished. (Named after a small rocky bay littered with gem stones smoothed by the fierce tidal waters of New Zealand South Island).