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Video projection with live accompaniment - 45 mins

Each composer or artist involved created a soundtrack for one or more clips chosen blindly (according to title and length) from a selection of my Moving Still video works, a collection of poor (in the sense of humble), yet poignant documents of the everyday; spider talk, highland wind, last apple, a crossing in Paris, spider talk, a seagull in Inverness…. . A score was created with the selected works.

Film musik consists of all chosen works projected and synchronised to their soundtrack played live by those who created them. Audience and musicians discover and experience together the random narrative thus created.

download extended score

Created during Wandelweiser collective annual meeting at Die Station Neufelden, Austria in August 2010. With in order of appearance; Joachim Eckl, Christoph Nicholas, Marcus Kaiser, Sandra Schimag, Radu Malfati, André O Muller, Jurg Frey, Michael Pisaro, Antoine Beuger.

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