Sound(ing) images of the Brunswick Club

BEEF residency end concert and the first public activation of the textual score sound(ing) images


Performed by Kathy Hinde (accordion), Howard Jacques (melodica, sangeet flutes, percussion instruments), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (flute, voice), Alex Mah (whistle, voice), Melanie Clifford (percussion instruments, walls, floor), Shirley Pegna,(cello)

The culmination of a weeklong residency where I was asked to respond to the building’s material and sonic qualities through the forms of drawing, reading & writing and score creation.

We perform the sound(ing) image score (2017) which invites us to  tune into and release the silent speech of images, through a metaphorical breathing in of what one sees and literal breathing out of what this has triggered in us; sounds, words, gestures, textures, emotions, sensations, memories …

The images of traces left by past and current occupants of this ex Working Men’s Club, were projected as a slideshow that the performers, all current occupants of the building, were responding to in real time, releasing sounds contained in the images, but also around and between the images and us and inside us.



The first half of the concert was O(nly), the untelling of Story of O from an Ode (owed) to O (edition wandelweiser records 2017). Performed by; Kathy Hinde (accordion), Howard Jacques, (Xaphoon Bamboo Sax), Emmanuelle Waeckerle(voice), Alex Mah (voice), Melanie Clifford ( voice), Shirley Pegna,(cello).


Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) is a film and sound collective with an analogue heart, supporting experimental practice in Bristol since 2015.

(sound(ing) images (2017) text score / soundwork published in Revolve:R, edition three (Intellect (Bristol, UK / Chicago, USA)