Sound to Image In Folkestone

Profound Sound 2020 festival


Part of of a series of  works using images as scores and exploring what they can elicit for us through breathing, sounds, words and gestures

"To dissolve in sound the rigidity of the temporally and spatially fixed image into a field of tension of the possible and the real." (Theodor Adorno, 1981)


We activate and practice the sound(ing) image score (2017) which invites us to  tune into and release the silent speech of images, through a metaphorical breathing in of what one sees and literal breathing out of what this has triggered in us; sounds, words, gestures, textures, emotions, sensations, memories … We do so through a series of simple exercises relying on free improvisation and deep listening practices. The workshop may be of interest to artists, photographers, musicians, improvisers, writers, amateur or professional, wanting to experiment with text or graphic scores and the interplay between text, image, and sound.


The workshop is followed by a one-off collective public performance where some of the projected images worked with were reconnected to their silent speech.

Sound(ing) Images : a few creatures and dreaming (2020)