(The) sound (of) images

for  ‘writing photographs’  symposium bringing together artists, writers, curators and researchers, to present and discuss photography as an expanded practice.


The first in a series of works using images as scores and exploring what they can elicit for us through breathing, sounds, words and gestures.

"To dissolve in sound the rigidity of the temporally and spatially fixed image into a field of tension of the possible and the real." (Theodor Adorno, 1981)

The project is based on a textual score sound(ing) images (2018) that can be activated to release the silent speech of images. It was written for and published in  Revolve:R, edition three (Intellect (Bristol, UK / Chicago, USA), for which I was invited to respond to a set of given images printed in the book.



In this two hours workshop, we practice the score using three photographs and breath as a compositional tool through a metaphorical breathing in of what one sees and literal breathing out, through sounds, words, gestures, of what each image can elicit in us. Such breathing and writing and reading require a certain kind of deep listening (Pauline Oliveros, 2005) to the silent speech of images but also to ourselves.


The workshop is followed by 3 short pieces performed live by participants (photographers, writers and image makers), in small groups of 4, literally breathing out through sounds, words and gestures what two of the three image had elicited in them.