PRAELUDERE in Neufelden

Third activation of the PRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century) scores, the first one in an exterior setting at HEIM.ART®


with Marcus Kaiser (cello), Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice)

- Every footprint is a song...the song of life...painted on the sand...painted in air…
(Nanao Sakaki 1976)

We were sitting in the entrance of a building facing the bohemian woods and the Mühl river. The performance was recorded and the soundtrack was subsequently added to the video, thus becoming the only remaining trace and document of the event Praeludere in Neufelden.

On 5 consecutive days, I walked to to the same spot nearby, sitting by the river using the PRAELUDERE scores to map where I was, what I saw / heard.

Traces of these whimsical ballades, images, words and marks on paper have become new folded pages for eyes and mind to wander.

PRAELUDERE in Neufelden (2014)
Single screen projection – 37.55 mins

PRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century)

Four ballades from the 20th century, to be read, sang, walked or performed, alone or with others, inside or outside, sitting, standing or walking, with or without instrument. A set of four text score at the source of a body of work (performances, videos, prints, artist book) exploring the notion of the ballad as being somewhere in between a walk and a song.