PRAELUDERE, a few (drawn) ballades

An ongoing series of performative drawings

scanned pencil and ink drawings on 120 grs paper (45x28cms)


PRAELUDERE in Neufelden, Dusseldorf, London and Munich (condensed)
Digital montages of scanned drawings with the location of their making (A1 size)


Sitting still somewhere, with the PRAELUDERE score I map where I am, using drawing, writing and voice to express and preserve that fleeting experience.

Once brought into the landscape (the words on) the page soak in what there is to see / hear / feel. It is in that process of mise-en-abime of the text with its surroundings that one may encounter the unexpected and the extra-ordinary.

PRAELUDERE (ballades from the 20th century)

Four ballades from the 20th century, to be read, sang, walked or performed, alone or with others, inside or outside, sitting, standing or walking, with or without instrument. A set of four text score at the source of a body of work (performances, videos, prints, artist book) exploring the notion of the ballad as being somewhere in between a walk and a song.