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interactive video installation


The aim of this ongoing research project is to liberate the voice from the constraint of language and the thinking mind - in an attempt to offer alternative modes of human communication.

VINST is an interactive installation and performance enabling real-time control of both sonic and visual representation of the voice - thus creating an extraordinary fusion of human body sound and video.

VINST is a highly sensitive vocal instrument consisting of my body image displaying points of sonic sensitivity that can be triggered and played by the viewer. The sounds are pre- or non-linguistic, and are (usually) somewhat anatomically appropriate. The vocabulary is in evolution, as is its accompanying system of annotation.

Users will find that VINST responds to touch but also to mood and sensibility and is capable of reacting quite unexpectedly. Watching/listening to VINST being played is always fascinating as the instrument reponds so differently from individual to individual.

programmed in Max MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer
with financial support from Arts Council London and UCCA research Fund

- EXPO966 Sonic art network annual exhibition/festival, June 2005, Scarborough.
- London Symphony Orchestra St Luke’s community festival July 2005, London
- Die Station, May 2006, Neufelden, Austria,

see VINST@expo966 in moving images



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