I.C.A, London
for International Symposium of Naked Poetry


A private moment of introspection is turned into a public spectacle

ICA catalogue

I confess offers the public double nakedness; nakedness of the body and nakedness of the soul.

The performance starts and finishes with the superimposition of the projected self onto the real self. In between, the confession of existential angst is delivered as a continuous monologue alternating, between the two representations; one projected, one in the flesh. Timing is crucial.

The intention is to expose and challenge the voyeuristic fascination that public confessions can elicit in an audience, bearing in mind that the fascination is normally proportional to the sensationalism of the act revealed.

I confess (1998)
video performance – 17.5mins
(filmed at the ICA by BBC world in Aug 1998)

- This cycle of low and high
- It’s not even a choice
- in my case that’s what happens
- whether it is a necessity or not it’s something that.... hm.... it’s a cycle that happens.
- I still hope that one day........ I will be able to.......


I confess (1998)
video performance – 17.5mins
(filmed in my studio by BBC world in Nov. 1998)

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