frrree mon cheri

A five-track album by Bouche Bée released by Earshots Recordings


Petri Huurinainen                 acoustic guitar, bow, ebow, fx pedals
Peter Keserü                          samples, iPads, melodica, seaboard, ocarina
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé      voice, Irish drum, ukulele pitch pipe


A five-track album of almost song like improvisations from a selection of sessions that were recorded in Emmanuelle Waeckerlé’s garden studio in Thornton Heath, London, between 2021-22.

In late Spring 2020, electronic and community musician Peter Keserü joined Bouche Bée. As a trio, we spent the next two years improvising every few weeks or so, during and after lockdown at Emmanuelle’s studio in Thornton Heath. Rare precious times of togetherness in the current climate of isolation.

The collective sound that was emerging was very different from our previous formation as a trio with John Eyles (saxophone), more atmospherique and almost cinematic. Emmanuelle started to use words more often, her own and those of others from her readings at the time (Catherine Keller, François Julien, Tim Ingold, Luce Irigaray to name a few) picking them randomly from pages of her sketchbook, where she gathers quotes and her commentary on them.

" This music has a deep undertow, a sort of aquatic dub resonance combined with the undulating and shimmering surfaces of drones and ciphers. An improvised consistency – one of the hardest things to achieve – evident by the fact that the smallest gestures become the most significant and mysterious. All the while, the voice has some little songs, a patch of space at sea, the smallest terrain. (N.O Moore, extract from the CD notes)

Bouche Bée

[boosh bay] (French expression meaning “open-mouthed” or “speechless”) was formed in 2005 by artist and vocalist Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and guitarist Petri Huurinainen. Music-writer and saxophonist John Eyles joined in between 2017 -2020 and in March 2020 they released on bandcamp Entre chien et loup. In late Spring 2020, electronic musician Peter Keserü joined Bouche Bée.