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Artist book and scroll

‘Truce’ represents a word play on the two words HOME and HOLE and their underlying meanings and connotations. Using a rigorous language of simple mathematical equations and diagrams the two words are deconstructed and reconstructed into a series of wise ‘truths’. My obsession is your obedience.

The whole process is contained in an artist book (screen-printed and bound); 20 pages of diagrams words and holes lovingly perforated by the artist. The book is presented on a wooden lectern.The four truths are also endlessly repeated on a Scroll printed on fax paper.

Exhibited in London for ‘Flesh and Stone’ at Fordham gallery in April 1999, also for Verbal Intervisual at Lethaby gallery in May 2001


Original music composed by Nick Wilson
performed by Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Nick Wison

Waeckerle and Wilson, using their distinctive voices and writing on the walls, contemplate the simple yet loaded terms HOME and HOLE – in an attempt to find meaning and common territory.
The performance will have no easy outcome as questions of gender and inter-disciplinarity come into play. The event can only conclude once a truce is reached.

Developed with a 1 to 1 bursary from London Arts and the Live art development development agency

Premiered at Hoxton Distillery in December 2001 for Pit Pony- programmed by Michael Gillespie – programmed for NRLA 2002 in Glasgow but cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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TRUCE scroll 

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