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Carry me along oh road


In Roadwork I undertake a subjective journey through the streets of various cities carrying a road-object on my back. A journey paradoxically spent endlessly carrying the “baggage” of the road of life that we wander.

In this work I have made Language, repetition and the appearance of transience my ‘home’.

As such Roadwork might serve as a metaphor for the role of the artist; a nomadic subject who needs to keep a certain critical distance between herself and the pastures she is feeding from.

Roadwork the installation consists of:
- A road for one traveller rolled up in its wooden case
- ‘Carry me along oh road’ a video projection of the carrying of the road in London. Duration 9 minutes.
- An altered road sign

Exhibited in October 1996 in ‘City Limits’ at Staffordshire university gallery, Stoke on Trent. also included in ‘Engendering the city’ by Marsha Maskimmon, Nexus publishers.

See ROADWORK in London in moving images
See ROADWORK series in Images

a road for one traveller 

altered road sign 

‘Carry me along oh road’ video still 

‘Carry me along oh road’ video still 

‘Carry me along oh road’ video still 

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