Essor gallery, London
06/02/2002 - 30/03/2002
A video installation


An hypnotic time-based melody with built-in suspense

The work's intense lyricism recalls the poetic cinema of the '60s more than the documents of most performance artists. I hope Waeckerle's road carries her back this way soon.” Barry s Schwabsky

SLOW MARCH in London the video represents the first indoor road movie paradoxically performed in my studio in Vauxhall in June 2001. It takes the viewer on a metaphysical road, which can be seen as a subjective metaphor for the passing of life. This is not a visual single take that can be carried in our short-term memory, but a hypnotic time-based melody with built-in suspense.

The video is exhibited alongside elements and traces of its performing in front of live audience.

single screen projection –  8.48 mins

Project developed with financial support from London Arts.

Reviewed by Barry Schwabsky in of the month of march and  reviewed in Time out by Sally O’Reilly – 20th-27th March 2002.