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ballade n 1
a walking monologue

(voice - drawing - live electronics – video relay)

in English a ballad is a song – une ballade in French is both a walk and a song

Ballad n*1 is a new performance work which continues exploring my interest in visual and sonic representation of the voice, while looking at of one of life most defining gesture, walking.
Walking is understood here as a simultaneous act of writing and reading (space). Each step I take reads the ground and leaves a trace.

In this work I explore language as well as walking which together with speaking is what makes us superior to animals (allegedly). I draw parallel between writing and walking, understood here as simultaneous acts of marking and reading (space).

A concept I have explored in the past with SLOW MARCH (2001) - The making of a road movie (2002/03) and Roadwork (1996/99).

I use VILMA and VALTER programmed in MAX MSP by Sebastian Lexer. VALTER is a transformative tool designed specifically to extend my voice. VILMA reacts to various sound parameters to create real time manipulation of visual scores.

Premiered on the 23rd of October at Klang im Turm in Munich

the making of a roadmovie



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