ballade n 2

Kunst Im Klang, Munich
 A walking dialogue


Christoph Nicolaus (Stone Harp) –  Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice, breath)

A new performance work which looks at one of life most defining gesture, walking. In English a ballad is a song – une ballade in French is both a walk and a song.

Walking is understood here as a simultaneous act of writing and sounding (space). Each step I take leaves a vocal trace, mostly breathing with a few percussive and monotonal interventions.  Each step Christoph Nicolaus takes , transforms  into a sonic gesture on his stone harp.

There are 100 steps to this ballade. Each step, breath, gesture taken is either short medium or long, according to the instructions given by the text score.



Lets take a walk  – Your hands, my voice – 1 step = 1 breath = 1 sound