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A direction out there – readwalking (with) Thoreau
double CD

EWR 2109/10 (Edition Wandelweiser Records, June 2021)

Composed by: Emmanuelle Waeckerlé
performed by: Antoine Beuger, Marie-Cécile Reber, Sylvia Alexandra Schimag, Marianne Schuppe,
Stefan Thut, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

readwalking in le puid (43:28) - schuppe (voice), thut (viol)
readwalking in thornton heath (06:50) - waeckerlé (voice)
readwalking in haan (31:32) - beuger (harmonica, children glockenspiel, voice), schimag (lyre, voice)
readwalking remotely (30:10) - reber (field recording, electronics), waeckerlé (voice)

This double CD brings together four contrasting interpretations of an open score and the act of readwalking at its core, each track taking an entirely different direction out there. The individual and collective renditions are based on a radical pruning of David Henri Thoreau’s transcendental essay about walking (1851). Footnotes provide suggestions on how to speak, sing, sound the remaining words, alone or with others, inside or outside.

“Readwalking”, two words brought together to describe a simultaneous act of reading and walking, of reading as walking, of walking as reading, of sounding a text about walking, step by step, one word calling the other, following one’s senses, like Thoreau.

A direction out there – readwalking (with) Thoreau cd and score are available here (15 euros). For review copies please contact

A direction out there – readwalking (with) thoreau (MA BIBLIOTHEQUE, September 2021) brings together in a pocket size book, the prepared text, the score and two essays by Michael Hampton and Vicky Smith.

The CD and pocket book were produced with financial support from UCA research fund.

‘Wherever a (wo)man separates from the multitude, and goes her own way in this mood, there indeed is a fork in the road’. Life without principle, (Henry David Thoreau, 1863)

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