LUX centre, London
(every second counts)


The performance is about Time passing and passing Time

The performer and her 2 or 3 live reflections unravel their story page by page, torn from the pad attached to their faces, guided by her recorded voice telling the same story counting each second between the words. This mise en abyme is created by pointing both video camera and projector towards the story teller / time keeper.

On other occasions the performance is pre-recorded in the space it is performed in, using the same echo effect. The video is then projected life size over the performer as she is attempting to keep pace with 3 projections of herself.

The combination of stillness, repetitive action and continuous counting has an hypnotic effect and allows all present on and off stage to both experience and reflect upon the passage of time.


When (every second counts) (1999)/a lesson in time / time and time again
single screen projection – (3 extracts)

Also performed as ‘TIME AND TIME AGAIN ‘ (48 mins) for Paris/Berlin international meeting, Brotfabrik movie theatre, Berlin (May 2001) and A lesson in time’  (55 mins) for eXpo 2000 festival, Nottingham (May 2000).
Also shown as a video projection for Paris/Berlin international meeting at Cerise Gallery in Paris (April 2001) and at AROMA in Berlin (June 2001).