Marres, House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht
for Marres ‘Training the senses’ series


A collaboration with dancer choregrapher Mami Azumi

Every footprint is a song...the song of life...painted on the sand...painted in air…(Nanao Sakaki, 1976)

We take walking for granted, as a means to an end, a mechanical action we learned very young that propels our body from A to B. We walk to exercise, to relax, to visit a place, to be with someone. We walk from, we walk with, we walk about… Walking is rarely the focus of its own doing.

This session co-led with dancer choregrapher Mami Azumi was about experimenting with walking with all our senses, walking blind, walking slowly, restricted walking, so many ways to practice walking as its own journey where one may discover more about oneself then about a place.

I used strategies from my bodythoughtbodytalk (BTBT) workshop which is about de-learning and being ready for new experience and perception of the body in space and time. I also wrote three text scores to share with participants at the end.


Walking is included in Sensing Art, Training the Body, program 2017-21, edited by Valentijn Byvanck (Marres house for contemporary culture, 2021) ISBN 9789082813432