Still light

Neuer Kunstraum, Düsserldorf
for two readers, speakers, singers


Composed  by Marianne Schuppe and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé
Performed everyday by Marianne Schuppe and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé for the duration of Klangraum 2020 ‘day by day III



A dialogue beyond words, in us, between us, ‘one towards the other’, ‘distanced by our difference but present to each other’.

The score

is based on Luce Irigaray’s to be two (2001) from which we each selected a number of word collections translated in two languages (English and mother tongue). In this book philosopher and linguist Luce Irigaray constructs a feminist critique of how to be with an other, considering ‘desire for the other as a union that preserves two even as it takes one to be its model’.

The score is available here from Edition Wandelweiser.