Café Oto
 Part of Eddie Prévost at 80 — marking a journey to a bright nowhere, a series of concerts marking the 80th birthday of one of the UK’s foremost improvising musicians.


With Mark Browne, Ross Lambert, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Iris Ederer, Chris Hill, Tom Mills, Mirei Yazawa, Nathan Moore, James O’ Sullivan, James Malone, Keisuke Matsui, Daniel Kordik, Ed Lucas, Gerry Gold, Jamie Coleman, Tom Wheatley

The workshop is a small musical commons built around a weekly practice of personal agency and collective interdependence in and through sound.


The concert

2 sets of rolling and designated duos and trios by 16 improvisers, drawn from a cross-section of the 600 plus cohort who attended the weekly London Workshop first convened by Eddie Prèvost in 1999. Running since 1999, every Friday, 8 to 10pm, in the basement of the Borough Welsh Chapel in Southwark, open to all.


The CD

The recording of the concert became the Widdershins CD accompanied by a booklet for which I wrote a small text about what the workshop means to me. The other 3 concerts of the series also became CDs, the 4 of them released by Matchless Recordings.


Widdershins and the Bright Nowhere – complete series are available from Matchless Recordings