Bohemian trip

Die Station, Neufelden
08/08/2009 - 09/08/2009
Two video installations for Wandelweiser annual meeting


Brief encounter I (2008) and Bohemian trip (2009) have been shot and edited in situ.

Brief Encounter Installation

Bohemian Trip Installation

The two video works are part of my Moving Still evolving collection of short documents of the everyday where I use the video function of my still digital camera, more appropriate to document the various layers of time contained within the frame.


Brief encounter I (2008)

A triple chance encounter, between a snail a fly and the stillness of my camera, in the bohemian woods of Neufelden, as I was walking downstream from an impressive dam built by the Russians in the 1940s. Perhaps overwhelmed by the scale of it all, I found myself on my fours.


Brief encounter (2008)
single screen projection – 4.28mins

The video is projected big and without sound in a dark basement underneath Jürg Frey small speakers installation, the sound of which fitted so perfectly and magically the pace and pathos of my video that we both decided that it would be a good idea to use his wonderful piece as a soundtrack to my video.


Bohemian trip

This time I was walking upstream from the dam built by the Russians in the 1940s, guiding Rasha Ragab through this new and exotic territory to her. The woods, though wild and very hilly, are peppered with wooden sculptures of various animals and humans being. They have all been carved on site by the same hand, so that they are managing to blend in completely within the environment despite being manmade and mostly alien to the area, elephant, bears, giant snakes…


Bohemian trip (2009)
single screen projection – 2.20mins

The video is shown on a small monitor on board Joachim’s Eckl ship wrecked sculpture work Der Grunberg . The concourse of this big metal grounded boat is covered with high grass with a perfectly cut alley in the middle. The monitor stands at the end of this alley under the boat canopy. Both image and sound of this short video blend entirely within the environment, emphasizing the eery and dreamy quality of the work.