Becoming one; A Duologue in Practice

Photography & Culture Volume 11
An essay and a series of photographs for Photography & Culture Volume 11Issue 2: The Theatre of Photography


in collaboration with Manuel Vason

Keywords: Becoming, breathing, interdependency, performance, photography

“How can two become one, and one what? Headless or multiheaded, or both or neither or either or, a mythological being, a cyborg, or a thing made of various bits, part human part something else. Becoming-one for a moment, connecting body, mind, breath, voice for as long as it takes for the connection to be established, to happen, not happen and until one or both breaks the spell and/ or regains oneness." (Extract)


We became one in writing and in breathing, in real time and in photographic time. The images are there to prove it, as well as our memories of the experience and our attempt at sharing, comparing, articulating and putting into words what happened to us before, during and after this extraordinary human and posthuman encounter.

We spent four days in Folkestone in early 2018 with no other expectations than finding ways to become one with the camera and with our environment, excited by the prospect of what we may discover in doing so.



for two (or more) becoming-one anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

  • Find ways to connect your bodies, through touch, sight or other intermediary object or material interface, a plinth, a plank, a string…
  • Stand in stillness thus connected, opening up senses, observing, tracking, feeling, listening to your oneness.
  • Become aware of breathing, trying to breathe as one.
  • Become aware of all sounds, join in with your voice, trying to hum as one.

Becoming one; A Duologue in Practice, the full illustrated essay is available here