Becoming-one; A Duologue in Practice

A set of 5 performance photographs

in collaboration with Manuel Vason

“On numerous occasions, on a sand beach, a pebble beach, on a cliff edge, in a park, on a jetée, we became-one: with a tripod, a piece of wood, a length of clingfilm, a spirit level, a wooden box but also with the photographer and the camera’s shutter: all united for the duration of each exposure of this momentary communion.”

for two (or more) becoming-one anywhere, indoor or outdoor.
  • Find ways to connect your bodies, through touch, sight or other intermediary object or material interface, a plinth, a plank, a string…
  • Stand in stillness thus connected, opening up senses, observing, tracking, feeling, listening to your oneness.
  • Become aware of breathing, trying to breathe as one.
  • Become aware of all sounds, join in with your voice, trying to hum as one.


Part of a commission for Photography & Culture Volume 11—Issue 2: The Theatre of Photography  pp. 1–12