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2004 - current

bookRoom is a research cluster led by Emmanuelle Waeckerle (director, publisher, PHD supervisor) based at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham since 2004.

bookRoom supports artists and researchers to engage with critical research, production, dissemination of page and screen based works and occasionally act as a publisher of critical surveys and well as small edition of on the page works that operates across various time based media (photography, moving image, writing and performance). Recent publications include Code X – Paper, Ink, Pixel and Screen (2015), RISE WITH YOUR CLASS NOT FROM IT (2016)

bookRoom focuses on critical and practice based research in digital analogue and hybrid formats through a number of interrelated activities; conferences, exhibitions, publications, a collection. bookRoom is currently supporting 4 PHD projects

Current research interests
– The parallel histories and practices of the photo book and the artist book
– The interplay between electronic and print culture and how digital technologies are changing the way images are made, consumed and shared.
- Spectacular narrative in time based media that operate beyond the indexical dimension of the still or moving image.

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