waiting for godot too

Unbound artist book

12/12 volume three – edition of 12 – £50

waiting for godot too
attendre godot aussi
24 photographs and a text piece contained in a folded 300 grams archival Arche paper cover.
Inkjet print on archival and acid free double sided fine art paper 220 grams.


This is the third volume of the 12/12 series, 12 books of 12 images each, which are based upon my compulsion for repetitive image making with a dual purpose: to display but also to activate my archive / collection of repetitive images.

Vol. 3 brings together and in dialogue photographs containing ‘benches’ and photographs of ‘dead animals’.

Over the past few years I have been working on a personal index of my digital photography, ending up with a growing number of collections and series of pictures bringing together similar images of the same object, theme or scenery. To name a few: words, French dishes, camera flares, benches, roads, country art, family ties, mother, hats, porcelain, animals, dead ones, friends, the two virgins, red, beauty of failure….

Acquired by bookRoom collection.