Body thought Body talk
2008 - current

(Body thinking workshop)

Body thought Body talk workshop (BtBtW) is about de-learning and being ready for new experience and perception of the body in space and time. Simple performance strategies are used to explore one’s body (as opposed to one’s mind) as a thinking and learning tool.

This workshop has initially been developed for and given every year as a 1 or 2 day workshop to BA and MA photography students at UCA Farnham since 2009 and to Fine art students at Norwich school of art (2018). A 2 weeks extended version has been given to a group of postgraduate students at NID in Ahmedabad in 2013 .

Ideal group size is between 8 and 25 individuals

Why Performance art ?
In its non representational and repetitive form Performance is an art of the unconscious. As opposed to theatre for exemple. Deleuze considers repetition to be the unconscious of representation
Performance is giving one’s body something to do and allowing it to do it without letting one’s mind interfere too much. Be it standing still, walking, talking, mimicking, hurting one’s body, doing repetitive gesture……

Body thought Body talk workshop is about
1/ deepening connection to one’s body in order to de-socialize it for a moment
2/ reaching maximum levels of awareness and concentration
3/ learning how to forget what we know in order to explore the unknown
4/ discovering non-habitual ways of interacting and thinking

The individual vs the collective
Creative beings, artists and thinkers are both narcissist at heart and social being engaged with the reality of their environment.
Body thought Body talk workshop represents both a collective and individual experience. Each individual is helping, being part of, collaborating to, influencing, adding to, complementing each other’s process of unravelling new meaning.

see also walking workshop (2018)

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