The Scratch Orchestra at 50

Emma Cons Hall, Morley College, London
A celebratory Scratch concert “For Stella”


With Petri huurinainen, Dave Powell , Helen Zervou, Francis Rifkin, John Eyles, Sam Andreae, Michael Chant, Carole Finer, Bryn Harris, Hugh Schrapnel, Ali Warner, Frank Abbott, Carolyn Rogers, Richard Ascough, Mini, her parents and a few more

The event took place 50 years to the day after the first Scratch concert on 1/10/1969, involving many original Scratch Orchestra members and a few late comers like myself.

The Scratch concert  was dedicated to Stella Cardew who was in the audience. It was the final event of  the 50th anniversary of the Scratch orchestra  consisting of talks, workshops and radio shows on Resonance fm, organised by Carole Finer, Michael Chant and Brynn Harris.


The programme

Scratch Music (Stella Cardew), Drum No 1  (Howard Skempton), 50 Years (Carole Finer), 1001 Activities Stefan Szczelkun, Beautiful Music (Michael Chant), Noisy Toyz  (Carol Finer), Pocket Music (Chris Robbins), Popular Classic  Va Pensiero, CFIRT146 Evening Standard, Raindrops (Hugh Shrapnel), Symphony (Bryn Harris), Improvisation Rite HMSIR5  (Hugh Shrapnel), Long Distance Music (Philip Dadson), MC9 (Michael Chant)


‘1001 Activities’ by Stefan Szczelkun from Stefan Szczelkun on Vimeo.