Cinema Arlequin, Paris
For “ Behind the tongue” / “ Le derriere de la langue” a programme of performative videos I curated for Paris/Berlin international meetings

including works by Oreet Ashery, Rachel Davies, Brandon Labelle , Charlemagne Palestine, Jimmy Roberts and Joseph Walsh


A series of short performance videos focusing on the act of speaking as a performative and sonic gesture

In each I perform direct to camera one element of my vocabulary of non-verbal vocal sounds – sounds that are both raw emotion (sighing, laughing, screaming, pleasure) and formalist images (pure tones). Each is tightly edited using as a measure of time the length of a breathing cycle.


videoperformance –  1.07min


SOMEOFMYVOCABULARY-2-upanddownthevowels (2003)
videoperformance –  1.26min


videoperformance –  4.28 mins


SOMEOFMYVOCABULARY-4-holyours (2003)
videoperformance –  1.14min


My vocabulary of non-verbal vocal sounds and its system of annotation was developed thanks to a 1 to 1 bursary from London Arts and the Live Art Development Agency to spend one year developing the use of the voice in my practice. It was subsequently used for VINST virtual instrument and Bouche Bée improvisation on the edges of language.

Also included in The Clerkenwell BLOWING UP film and video festival in London on the 16th of July 2004.