Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth
26/07/2003 - 27/07/2003
for Club Raw, 2 performances directed by Guillermo Gomez Pena


The outcome of a 2 weeks workshop hosted by CPR ( centre for performance research)

“There is the dancing woman of western ‘Orientalist’ fantasy, in pink tulle, beaded headdress, mouth covered by veil, electric keyboard slung across her hips on a spirally telephone lead . Reviewed by Rebecca Nesvet .

The objective of Gomez-Pena’s workshop, in which this piece was created, was “to develop new models of relationship between artist and community; mentor and apprentice, which are neither colonial nor condescending, establish a temporary utopian space for aesthetic freedom and cross-cultural dialogue and to seek a new aesthetic that truly reflects the spirit and tribulations of our times. ”



an hybrid persona part 1001 night fantasy woman part 70’s rock chick sometimes veiled and tantalising sometimes unveiled and lost in the sounds she was producing. A uniball on a chain attached to my pelvis (also used in my next project VINST) was created for this character – used as a sort of metronome to swing left to right and back and forth and sometimes as an extension of my anatomy that I was offering/denying the audience.