Jungle Fever in London

The first of a series of 8 hour long collective “inner travels” experiments


With Natasha Caruana, Amanda couch, Oliver Froome-Lewis, Bim Hjortronsteen , Petri Huurrinainen, Karen Livesey, Emiley Matthews, Robbie mc Robbie

" and you don’t even have to go to the airport and fly there ". (Karen)

“ The best trip is when you can properly let go “. (Amanda)

“ Travel being a form of self- discovery not that self-absorbtion
is a favourable constant in life ….”. (Robbie)

I, the artist turned tourist guide take them on a trip to their own “hidden paradise”. It is safe to say that authentic travel was achieved, far and beyond.

Headlines and captions I collected from tourism advertising in newspapers and magasines, “in bracket and italic” in this text, were used as Fluxus kind of prompt for action. Without ever leaving the confines of the workshop space, we became producers rather than consumers of places and experiences. All images here are taken by participants while being lost in inner travels.


london, jungle fever, postcard

JUNGLE FEVER (wish you were here)

was initiated in 2011, originally as an attempt to reclaim Leisure and Tourism, by subverting the strategies of their consumption for collective explorations of personal borders, as if they were exotic or unchartered territory. The project has evolved in response to what fellow junglers contributed along the way. We are now concerned with a broader engagement with the everyday, advocating a creative and playful rather than a passive or consuming attitude.

It is inspired by Rober Filliou insightful words: “ Leisure will have an important role in society. .. The role of the artist is to promote the creative use of leisure and creativity as a way of life, but also as a weapon against  alienation” (Teaching and learning as performing art, 1970.)