(trou story) /realised during an ‘artist in heaven’ residency at Die Station


A monumental construction of a hole in diminishing perspective, awaiting meaning and interpretation

The focus of the installation is a giant enlargement of a small paper sculpture of a hole, the volume of which is emphasized by the play of light on the torn paper. The construction is made of white 350 gms Archer paper held by wooden frames (one per layer) fixed to the ceiling by cables. Each hole has been lovingly torn by myself, using parts of my body as drilling tools.

Some have seen endings, darkness, bottomless void, bullet wound, flesh, open mouth, or Fontana’s slits. Others beginnings, pleasure dome, abstraction, gateway, frozen time, siphon and visual aid. 


On the wall

a series of 3 pictures – hand made enlargements of digital drawings made from photographs – of a man and a woman using a small paper hole construction as a visual aid

A multiple edition of a miniature paper version of the huge hole is also displayed as well as A2 and A3 posters “make your own hole”, that the audience will have the opportunity to realise in situ.

The opening

People could walk around the monumental paper sculpture of a hole in diminishing perspective and also photograph themselves through one of these paper holes,  or make their own miniature version to use as a visual aid.


A few weeks later we burned the 7 framed torn paper constructions to the ground and watch them do so slowly.

with financial support from ucca farnham research fund.