with Marcus Kaiser

German artist – composer – cellist  Marcus Kaiser  is the third guest of a series of streamed concerts taking place at IKLECTIK in London and at UCA in Farnham


UCA Farnham, Wed 01/05/2019 – 4.30pm – streamed concert
With Chris Jones (electric guitar), Marcus Kaiser (cello), Arusik Nanyan (acoustic guitar), Paulius Valteras (electric guitar), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (percussive objects), Harry Whalley (percussive objects).

Iklectik, London, Thurs 02/05/2019, 7.30pm
With Marjolaine Charbin (piano), Marcus Kaiser (cello), Arusik Nanyan (acoustic guitar), Ed Lucas (trombone), Edward Shipsey and Emmanuelle Waeckerle (percussive objects).

“If I should say something about my work, I would say that it is like a garden – something shifting in the shadow – something in the sun – growing from my discretion. In a garden you can move freely – romp around – destroy – have love affairs – sweep old leaves. A garden lasts a long time . “(Marcus Kaiser, the book is alive! 2013)


Performers and musicians drawn from the London experimental and improvised music scene and the Audio Research Cluster at UCA Farnham perform the 18th and 19th performances of UNTERHOLZ, a piece, that, like real undergrowth in a forest, continually changes in the course of time, i.e. from performance to performance and from place to place, carrying and sedimenting old, accruing new matter.


 UNTERHOLZ @ UCA Farnham, 01/05/2019


 UNTERHOLZ @ Iklectik London, 02/05/2019


Marcus Kaiser

Marcus is a cellist–painter–architect–composer¬–builder/designer–maker of sound pieces–video artist. He does not juggle these activities – he works on all of them simultaneously as if they were part of some vast rhizomatic assemblage. He paints jungles the way they grow: adding layer after layer of green until it is nearly a monochrome. He records individual layers of sound regularly over the course of many days, until, when simultaneously played back, these recordings reach a point of near saturation (in which, however, sonic features remain distinguishable). (wandelweiser by Michael Pisaro, 2009). concert series

a collaboration between bookRoom and the Audio Research Cluster at UCA Farnham, curated by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and Harry Whalley, around their common research in extended, textual, visual, gestural and object scores and ways to integrate or experience technology in text / music / film / performances. The project is supported by UCA research fund.