With Seamus Cater, Marjolaine Charbin, John Eyles, Ed Shipsey, Artur Vidal and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé


Live  from IKLECTIK 

 For the three concerts of this 4th season, we have chosen works that rely upon the voice and other sonic events coming from elsewhere literally, metaphorically or through technology. Works that operates a certain kind of ventriloquy of text, of space and of concept, but also a metaphorical severing of the hegemony of the master (score, text, composer) over its (voice, instrument, performer) puppet.


Teach Yourself to Fly (Pauline Oliveros,1970)
A length of time (John Cage,1960)
Checking (Seamus Cater, 2021)
O(nly) (Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, 2017)


For this last concert we are going back to Seamus Cater and his resounding of Alexander J. Ellis that prompted our theme, alongside three other works (Cage, Oliveros, Reage) that also tend to give agency to their performers. The scores don’t tell us what sounds to play, proposing instead something for us to practice, ways to create together what we hear that can only be different each time.

Teach Yourself to Fly (Pauline Oliveros, 1970).
“When breath flies the nest (body) and becomes sound”

With Marjolaine Charbin, Seamus Cater, John Eyles, Ed Shipsey, Artur Vidal, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

A length of time (John Cage,1960)
“Just attention to the activity of sounds”.

With Marjolaine Charbin (piano), Artur Vidal (Saxophone) Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice) 

Checking (Seamus Cater, 2021)
“…Ellis might have used a double bass to check each ‘A’ he encountered, to compare them to his own ‘A’ string”

fixed media recording of double bass (Koen Nutters), skhismic concertina, 20 tuning forks. 

O(nly) (E.Waeckerlé, 2017)
“Echoes of O, unbound for moment, of O, of you”

With Seamus Cater, John Eyles, Ed Shipsey, Artur Vidal (voices), Marjolaine Charbin (piano) 


 This is the 11th iteration of the concerts series after Space ventriloquy | Mike McEvoy, Plangency, Sea of Cables (March 2022),  Seamus Cater (February 2022), Parkinson Saunders (May 2021), Voice & Electronics with Sadd, Moore, Waeckerlé and Ziv (April 2021), Greg Caffrey (IE, March 2021), Marie Cécile Reber (CH, Feb 2020), Gildas Quartet (UK, Oct 2019), Marcus Kaiser (DE, May 2019), Stefan Thut (CH, April 2019), Jessica Aslan and Emma Lloyd (UK, March 2019). concert series

a collaboration between bookRoom and the Audio Research Cluster at UCA Farnham, curated by Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and Harry Whalley, around their common research in extended, textual, visual, gestural and object scores and ways to integrate or experience technology in text / music / film / performances. The project is supported by UCA research fund.