Launch of a new website and virtual archive

This new website is the result of 6 months of rather intensive research, development and production – working closely with the fantastic Lutalica Studio, a young and dynamic Design and Consultancy studio for feminists and queers – to find the best possible way to articulate and document 30 years of interrelated projects and their traces across various mediums, in ways which are aesthetically pleasing while allowing simple navigation of the extensive database from multiple entry points.

The Filtering system allows you to search a database of over 180 single works according to project name (body of works), timespan (1992/1999 – 2000/2009 – 2010 2019, 2020 current), Medium, Word search.

Each page visited provides a list of related works thus allowing you to follow various connections and paths across time and mediums too, if you wish to do so.


Gathering all the files was painstaking slow and frustrating at times (obsolete technology, lost or corrupted files, poor archiving system). Yet a fascinating experience to revisit old work in a new light and a bit more understanding and experience of the world.  Most of it felt very present and alive in what I am doing today.

As if the few seeds I planted 30 years ago, the words HOLE, HOME, ROAD, and the action of WALKING and BREATHING and READING in between, had become overtime and without me noticing, a rather healthy and mature garden with its own rhythm and cycles.


1992 / 2022

The two earliest projects listed were prompted by two coming of age: turning 30 and the formation of the European Union.

PHOTOBIOGRAPHY (1992), a series of photographs, a text and an artist’s book (yet to be be scanned and archived) looking back and looking forward at my life.

Carry me along oh road (1995), a personal investigation of London and notions of mixed cultural identity as the Maastricht Treaty sealed the rules for a future single currency and free movement within European member states. (62 panoramic photographs of London in 1992 are yet to be scanned).

We are in 2022, London and the U.K, my home since 1984 no longer belong to Europe, no longer welcome non-wealthy multicultural foreigners like me.

I am walking in air, among the ruins of a covid ridden old world, looking up, down, backward and forward,, alone and with others, planting the seeds of a new world in the making.

My last website was created with Indexhibit and launched in 2009. A first experiment in archiving my multi-layered practice across Image, Music and Text with the technology of the time, which survived the test of time and endless technological innovation by miracle.