Slade school of At, London
01/06/1996 - 16/06/1996
Part of my MA exhibition


An imaginary dialogue between the head and the body



Where, in a moment of crisis or doubt the HEAD and the BODY become the site of a contest and dispute which has all the marking of an internal war.

This work is inspired by an archive image of the Vietnam war, the humble executioner General de Castrie who, in between two brave acts, consented to pose in front of the camera casually looking more like a tourist then a conqueror.

This archival document is at the origin of this work where the urge to anihilate the unknown other metamorphoses into  self-anihilation – as a radical triumph over the self. from action to reflection to detachment.


DETACHMENT sitting on one’s head
Inkjet print of a computer manipulated photograph (postcard size)

THE CONTEST Action vs Reflection vs Detachment
Three bubble jet colour prints (bigger then life size)

Three modified cheese wire readymades in a box frame
whose wires respectively spell the words ACTION – REFLECTION – DETACHMENT

THE CONTEST (General de Castries)

" The head said to the body " shield me ", and the body replied " risk me ".
" The head said to the body " touch me ", and the body replied " dream me ".

single screen projection  – 5 mins