ballade n 1

Kunst Im Klang, Munich
 A walking monologue

(voice – drawing – live electronics – video relay)

A new performance work exploring my interest in connecting visual and sonic manifestations of the voice, while looking at of one of life most defining gesture, walking. Walking is understood here as a simultaneous act of writing and reading (space). Each step I take reads the ground and leaves a trace.

There are four stages to this ballade:
Breathing / A beginning written in vowels / Walking the local newspaper / Writing, sounding and walking 100 steps.



What is produced sonically (in terms of texture, pitch and volume) by the voice and the small drum, effects the visual material projected that can in turn be used as a score by the voice and drum, as the performance evolves.

This interplay between sonic and drawn traces is created with VILMA and VALTER. VILMA is a transformative software reacting to sound input, to create real time responsive manipulation of my texts and drawings. VALTER is transformative software designed for my particular ways with voice and spoken words.

VILMA and VALTER performance system (Max MSP and Jitter patches) is programmed by Sebastian Lexer with financial support from Arts Council London and UCA research Fund