Armel Beaufils, le Regard des femmes

FRAC de Bretagne, St-Briac-sur-Mer
01/07/2017 - 03/09/2017
40 women artists respond / correspond with a work by the early 20th century sculptor Armel Beaufils


In this exhibition curated by Sharon Kivland, each response is exhibited alongside the artwork

The form of response/correspondence is constrained only by the A3 size and two-dimensional nature of the wall panel. In the catalogue it is paired as a double-page with a photograph of the work to which it refers.


Clay woman (or the pleasure of wetting a bit more then one’s toe)

I responded with a couple of self portraits I had taken a few months earlier while bathing in clay mud in central Otago in New Zealand South Island. In the first one I uncannily adopts a similar bathing pose to the one portrayed by the clay figure in the image I was sent, though less tentatively as confirmed by the second image and the title.

Femme argile (ou le plaisir d’y tremper un peu plus que le pied).

 Armel Beaufils, le Regard des femmes catalogue is available here