Focal Point gallery, Southen on Sea
10/09/1994 - 27/11/1994
for Chimera exhibition, part of Signals festival


A reworking of The Original Sin as if it was happening today

Four photographic banners

(102.4" x 40.4" each)

KATY (1968) : Called Katja in its homeland Sweden. It forms spurs quite freely. Apples are pale yellow, flushed almost overall bright scarlet, with smooth but rather tough skins and long stalks. In season September to October, not keeping long. The fine textured flesh is white and juicy with a pleasant flavour. (text printed on the first banner)

A ritualistic celebration, a celebrated ritual

A play on the iconography of the edenic myth, whereby Adam and Eve reappear in the 1990’s amidst the mediatic slogan; ‘A perfect world where today’s fantasy becomes tomorrow’s reality ‘.

When Adam sees that the fruit of the tree looks good, he takes some, eats it and makes Eve do likewise. Enlightened, he offers to release Eve from her duties (given to her as punishment in the garden of Eden).

Then, as a token of his new understanding, he offers to conjure up and re-enact through hand gestures, each and every role imposed on Womankind since the beginning of all times.

Where today’s fantasy becomes tomorrow’s reality…

With catalogue, also exhibited at Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, Scotland, 1995.