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2 series of photographs
2006 - current

series 1
20 photographers have been invited to bring VINST into their world with complete freedom of interpretation and to produce a photographic memento of the occasion; to name a few, Oreet Ashery (uk), Anna Fox (uk), Marius Hansen (uk), Jason Evans (uk), Karen Knorr uk), Jimmy Robert (uk/belgium), Zineb Sedira uk/algeria), Richard Sawdon Smith uk), Pedro Vicente (spain), Rikka Kassinen uk), Joachim Eckl (austria), Manuel Vason uk), Anup Thomas (india), Eugenia Calvo ( argentina)....
David Rule (uk) and Pedro Vicente, two artists whose practice explore language, have been given the difficult task of editing and making sense of the outcome. I am about to bring together the two commentaries and the images in some form of publication.

series 2
an evolving series digital collages made into postcards where I have inserted VINST in various locations I have performed or wished to perform in: Rome, Paris, New York, London, St Petersburg, Valencia…
Marius Hansen
Natasha Caruana
Richard Sawdon Smith
Jason Evans
Rikka Kassinen & Pedro Vicente
Oreet Ashery
Eugenia Calvo
Anna Fox
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé
Anup Thomas
VINST in St Petersburg
VINST in the Vatican
VINST in south London
VINST in Paris
VINST in Zaragoza

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