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digital interactive performance


This was my first attempt at creating a virtual vocal instrument programmed in Director . It was a disappointing failure but it represented nevertheless a necessary step and an interesting learning curve in the development of the project as a whole

- VINST1 (or Vinstenstein as I like to call it) appears in Performance Research volume 9 no. 2, June 2004, “on the page“ issue.
- VINST1 first utterances appear in the spring 2005 issue of How2 internet contemporary creative writing magazine (multimedia section).
- VINST1 project features on since April 2005 - a space for the exhibition and archive of exciting new works by a growing community of audio visual artists.
- VINST project appears in Making things better: An exhibiton of over 100 digital projects by artists and arts organisations from across the globe. Norwich Gallery 2nd July - 20th August. Produced as a part of the EASTinternational 05.


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