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home vs hole

anamorphic (16:9) video projection with stereo sound
duration - 21 minutes looped
original music by Nick Wilson
performed by Nick Wilson and emmanuelle Waeckerle
camera - Barbara Nichols - sound recording - Tim Barker
directed by Rachel davies
edited by Sue Giovanni

A singing contest starting in language and finishing in pure abstract tones in one continuous take.
Using their distinctive voices, a classically trained tenor and a performance artist share and compare their diverging interpretation of the two words HOME and HOLE - seeking meaning and common territory.

There is no easy outcome as questions of gender and interdisciplinarity come into play and the video can only conclude once a truce is reached (outside language). As the work unravels the two voices/channels slowly come together.

produced with the financial support of Surrey Institute of Art and design

see TRUCE in projects archive

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