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“SLOW MARCH IN ................

touring performance

2002 - 2003

The artist (and eventual guests), makes her own road movie without living the confines of the performance space. The audience is able to witness and experience simultaneously the whole process and the finished movie - via a live relay on a monitor.
Slow march in ... the end result, is a hypnotic time-based melody with built-in suspense taking the audience on a metaphysical road which can be seen as a metaphor for both the passing of life and passing through life.

The performance consists first of the build up on a blackboard of a textual construction of a road and then of its simultaneous singing and filming. An additional soundtrack of recorded footsteps creates a sense of constant movement leading both performer(s) and audience through the whole journey; it is intercut with various live/recorded ,melodic/non melodic sonic interferences, ambiant sounds and drones. Audio samples of current affairs specific to the place and time may also be included.

For Slow March in Toronto, I have incorporated audio recordings of the
Washington protest against the World Bank and the I.M.F. I also dedicated the work to Bernard someone very close to me who took his own life a week before the event.
For Slow March in Paris, in February 2003, I collaborated with Aman Fawzzi, an egyptian musician to create an arabic instrumental version of La Marseillaise (French national anthem). I included anti war messages adressed to Blair, Bush and the international community. I dedicated the performance to Maurice Blanchot who died the day before my performance.
For Slow March in London , in June 2003 I was joined by The paramusical ensemble, Scott Hawkins, double-bass monolin and electromechanical sounding devices and Richard Head, double-bass monolin - Two musicians who exploit the sub-audible/tactile frequencies of the vibro-acoustic domain, reknown for their extended drone improvisations. PME contributed live sonic interferences, drones and impromptu responses to the roadmovie in the making.

Project developed with financial support from London Arts

SLOW MARCH IN TORONTO - 7a*11d - 4th international festival of performance art Nov. 2002
SLOW MARCH IN PARIS - Berlin International Meetings 2003 galerie immanence Paris -Feb 2003
SLOW MARCH IN LONDON Camden People theatre - June 2003

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Slow March in Toronto 

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