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(Story of) / O(nly) / O(hh)

KUNSTRAUM , Düsseldorf
for KLANGRAUM 2017 curated by Antoine Beuger (18th/23rd July)

(story of) (25 mins)
performed by Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice), Antoine Beuger (flute), Andre O. Moeller (objects).

Daily public reading of 10 to 15 phrases from Pauline Réage’s book Story of O (1954), chosing those where O is subject (as opposed to passive object), accompanied each time by one musician. It is impossible to alter the very graphic words of the infamous original story, yet one can attempt to change the way they are consumed and shared. (Recording)

O(nly) – (44 mins)
performed by John Eyles, Ryan Dohoney, Alex Mah, Andre O. Moeller (voices) - Assaf Gidron (cello), Antoine Beuger (flute)

O is released from her story vocally while instruments play her as a note or chords. Voices and instruments are calling O, invoquing her again and again, as if inviting her to join them.

O(nly) was first performed and recorded for the Ode (owed) to O CD in July 2016 at Jazz Schmiede in Düsseldrof by Antoine Beuger, Alissa Cheung, Andre O. Moeller, Josten Myburgh, Samuel Vriezen, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.

O(hh) (12 mins)
performed by Tomma Galonska and John Eyles

This final ode to O is composed of seven phrases from the original story which are gradually being deconstructed by the 2 voices, until only O remains before being breathed away.

O(hh) was first performed by Andre O. Moeller and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé in April 2017. An arrangement of the recording is included in Ode (owed) to O.

Ode (owed) to O double cd (2017)
(story of) score (2017)
O(nly) score (2016)
O(hh) score (2017)
Reading (Story of) O book (2015)


(story of) 
4th reading with Antoine Beuger

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