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2003 -2004

videoperformance - dvd
to be shown on monitors or as video projections, one at a time or simultaneously.
duration respectively- 1 minute 10 secs - 1 minute 30 secs - 4 minutes 08 secs – 57 secs

A series of short performance videos focusing on the act of speaking as a performative and sonic gesture. In each I perform direct to camera one element of my vocabulary of non verbal vocal sounds - sounds that are both raw emotion (sighing, laughing, screaming, pleasure) and formalist images (pure tones). Each is tightly edited using as a measure of time the length of a breathing cycle.
In Holyours I offer the camera each of my facial orifice while singing “ a hole is a home is a hole is your home is my hole is your home “.
In Blowjob, a playful video performance shot in one single take, I do exactly what the title implies, I blow suggestively into the tube of a recorder, improvising a monotonal melody. The framing only reveals the tube of the recorder and the upper part of my body seemingly undressed. The last frames offer a double take on the crude metaphore.

included in “ Behind the tongue” / “ Le derriere de la langue” a programme of performative videos I curated for Paris/Berlin international meetings at Cinema Arlequin in February 2003. including Oreet Ashery, Rachel Davies, Brandon Labelle , Charlemagne Palestine, Jimmy Roberts and Joseph Walsh.

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