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SLOW MARCH in London – 8 min 48 – represents the first indoor roadmovie paradoxically performed and produced in my studio in Vauxhall in June 2001. The end result, a hypnotic time-based melody with built-in suspense, is never the less a road movie. It takes the viewer on a metaphysical road, which can be seen as a subjective metaphor for the passing of life. This is not a visual single take that can be carried in our short-term memory, but a hypnotic time-based melody with built-in suspense, which plays with the possibility of a non-verbal vocal communication, and compels us to await its final resolution.

Exhibited at Essor gallery in London in February March 2002 part of Field Studies.
Reviewed by Barry Schwabsky in of the month of march reviewed in Time out by Sally O’Reilly – 20th-27th March 2002

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Slow March installation at Essor Gallery 

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